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Get instant access to experienced vendors who on average are ready to start you job within 45 minutes.

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Find The Right Vendor

  • Request the job in our app. You will be able to take a few pictures and give us some notes.
  • Match with a vendor. You will be matched with one of our qualified background checked vendors that will usually be able to get your job started within 45 minutes.
  • Starting your project. When your vendor arrives at your home your project starts. Your entire transaction is completed in our app.

Why homeowners and renters love Done-Fast


The right provider, right away

Why spend time researching home service providers? With Done-Fast, you’ll have instant access to pre-screened, background-checked vendors who are ready to get to work now.


Accurate billing, down to the minute

With the clock in the Done-Fast app, the work is tracked down to the minute. It even pauses automatically if your service provider leaves for materials or to take a break! You only pay for the time they spend working onsite.


Great results, guaranteed

Done-Fast doesn’t just get projects done. It gets them done fast the first time. Our service providers are experienced pros, carefully screened by Done-Fast and extensively reviewed by other users.

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